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Smalland is a survival open-world adventure game developed by Merge Games. You play as a Smallfolk, a species pre-dating the Giants and living beneath them in their era. Now the Giants are gone, and you are tasked on a mission to return to the surface-world and find the cure of your dying Queen before it's too late. Explore the massive world of Smalland, craft powerful gear, fight terrifying bosses, and maybe make a buggy friend or two! Know something we don't? Sign up or login and join our community!


MainTools & Weapons
Tools & Weapons
Base Structures

Defense is paramount. Not only for completing your quest, but surviving in the hostile environments of these lands as well. Craft a multitude of Tools & Weapons to attack from afar, up-close or to harvest Resources. Different weapons deal specific Damage Types that can be less or more effective to certain foes, so plan carefully.

No matter how prepared you are, a bug mandible or two will eventually touch your delicate tiny body. Having a good choice of Armor can prepare you for the worst scenario, allowing the user to take that extra hit or even providing other effects. Provided you can find the NPCs who craft them of course...

With a trusty Builder's Hammer at their disposal, any Smallfolk can erect massive palaces of tinkering and fortune. With a variety of unique structures, the possibilities for how one makes their humble abode is endless, be it more stupid fun or more practical in nature.



The world surrounding you hold's both breathtaking and harrowing sights. From beautiful oak forests to spider-infested swamps, the array of environments that you and your buggy neighbors call home are vastly unique.

You are not alone in the lands of the Smallfolk, as insects, arachnids, and massive reptiles prowl the land searching for prey. These creatures are both the key to your demise and victory, as their parts can be scavenged to make powerful gear. If you are lucky enough, a few might even take a liking to you.

Many items smaller than you can be harvested from the land or the creatures of said land to be repurposed to your own use. They can be used to make just about anything, from weapons, tools, armor, and even being used in your own home!